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Trust me when I say I love you.

No tell me who this is


All of our tumblrs are full of nothing but depressing colorless shit. I’m breaking free from this negativity so notice my blog and how it changes. Follow/unfollow me i don’t care but you guys who keep drowning yourselves in depressing shit aren’t getting anywhere in life. You’re just making it worse. I used to be like that but I’m done. I’m going to try and achieve my dreams and I’ll accept failure on the way and learn from it to make myself better because that’s what life is. So if you want, just continue to make yourself worse but I’m done caring about people who drown themselves in negativity because I give love but don’t receive love and that’s holding me back. I’m going to focus on my success and not others. If I see someone suffering from self harm or depression I WOULD LOVE TO HELP BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE WILLING TO MAKE THE DECISION TO GET HELP. DON’T EXPECT ME TO DO SHIT IF YOU DON’T ASK. THIS GOES TO EVERYONE READING THIS AND PEOPLE I PERSONALLY KNOW.

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Love you


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I fucking love you

idk who’s this but stop


was lucifersplayground


Depression fucking sucks and it makes you feel hopeless but listen, think of things in your life that bother the fuck out of you and try to fix them. I know some things can’t be changed or fixed but their has to be stuff you have control over. I suffer from depression but I’m getting a lot better. I have no self esteem because I’m overweight but I’ve lost over 20 pounds and it has helped me so much and I’m continuing to loose more weight. Not only that, but talking to people about your problems helps a lot too. Just please stay strong and choose the right path. Be positive and don’t be afraid to tell people about your problems.